Our Asphalt Services

Monarch Paving provides complete asphalt services for new construction or repairs of existing surfaces. Our list of services include:

Sub-grade and Grade Work
Installation of Sumps and Catch Basins
Stamped or Textured Asphalt
Crack Sealing
Cold Patching
Speed Bump and Traffic Calming Solutions
Wheel Stops and Directional/Line Painting
Bobcat Services
Site Cleanup, Material Removal, Setup & Final Grade

Our scope of work may include excavation and removal of sub grade materials, installation of sumps and pipes, road base gravel following levelling and plate pack of materials. Installation of hot asphalt by hand or machine (depending on location and size) followed by a plate tamp exercise and/or heavy machinery rolling depending on the project. For parking lots, we supply and install maintenance-free wheel stops, line paint and provide directional arrows and any other required on-the-ground signage.

Our Winter Services

Monarch Paving also provides winter services that include snow plowing, snow removal and de-icing activities servicing areas throughout the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Our clientele includes commercial and retail centres as well as medical institutions and hospitals.

In the delivery of our services we employ modern fully compliant equipment and use a variety of products for de-icing. These include salt, sand or combination of the two, as well as environmentally friendly de-icing (Ice Melt) products.

Speed bump and traffic calming solution in Vancouver